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Qianwan Bonded Port

Qianwan Bonded Port


  Bonded Port Area is a special customs supervision zone with function of port, logistics, processing and so on, it is approved by the State Council, planned in the state’s openly port connected with specific relevant region.

  Qingdao Qianwan Bonded Port Area is established in Sep.7, 2008 with the State Council’s approval, its planning area is 9.72 square km, is a special economic zone in China mainland with the most preferential policies, completely function, and convenient Customs clearance, including terminal operation area, logistics storage area, processing trade zone, port service area and other functional zones. It is the first upgraded bonded port area which fully integrates implementation of the "zone (Tariff-free Zone), Park (Bonded Logistics Park) and Port (the Qianwan port) for development.


  Qingdao Qianwan Bonded Port Area equipped with seven basic functions, saying as port operations, international transit, international distribution, international purchasing, intermediary trade, export processing, and commodity exhibition.

  1, Port Operation Function: storage of the transit goods and goods under the Customs Procedure, cargo handling service, hauling and other basic operations of the port, free time limit to store the goods in the port area.

  2, International Transfer Function: both the international transit and domestic goods entered the port area is offered split and one-time collection service before ship to destination port domestically or abroad, the bonded port area will also provide stockpiling FCL service of comprehensive treatment and international transfer for the import bonded goods according to the owners request.

  3, International Distribution Function: to set up the logistics area in the specific zone of bonded port area, the bonded goods in which warehouse is offered simple process meeting commercial-purpose and batch conversion before the distribution domestically or overseas.

  4, International Purchasing Function: domestic goods enjoys the tax-refund policy once entered the bonded port or port bayonet, where the bonded goods or goods purchased domestically also enjoys the comprehensive treatment of one-time export collection or the simple processing required by commercial-purpose before return selling or distributions domestically or overseas.

  5. Intermediary Trade function: the enterprises registered in the Area enjoy the intermediary trade, transaction, exhibition, sampling, ordering and other business activities.

  6, Export Processing Function: To establish Export Processing Zone in a specific part of bonded port area to carry out processing trade.

  7, Foreign Goods Exhibition: Relying on international trade, giving sample-order exhibits to expand domestic and foreign markets, international trading volume in order to expand international logistic quantity.

  Preferential Policy

  Qingdao's Qianwan Bonded Port Area goes the following preferential policies:

  1, domestic goods sale to the bonded area shall be regarded as export and enjoy tax-refund;

  2 , The productions of factories registered in the bonded port area is exempt from corresponding value-added tax and consumption tax when sale in the Area or export abroad.

  3, Goods in the bonded port area selling into the domestic market is charged for sales tax according to its actual state;

  4, Goods in the Area enjoy free circulation, the transaction between enterprises registered in the Area is exempt from value-added tax and consumption tax.

  5, The required machinery, equipment and construction materials for enterprise establishment and necessary machinery, equipment, mould, repair tools for production together with reasonable amount of office supplies which is transported into the bonded port area from overseas for the enterprises that registered in the Area shall be exempted from customs duties and import taxes.

  6, The necessary raw materials, spare parts, components, packaging materials that transported into the bonded port from overseas for export processing and goods in transit and storage in the Area enjoy the bonded tax.

  7, Offshore goods (except the export -passive-quotas-administrated) going into or out of Area is exempt from import quotas management.

  8, Bonded goods storage in the Area free from time limit, the enterprise within the Area should record annually to the Customs once the storage period exceeds 2 years.

  9, The Processing trade of enterprises in the Area shall not apply to the bank deposit account or contract verification system.

  10 ,The goods of enterprises registered in the Area selling domestically can go centralized Customs declaration.

  In other words, the bonded port area integrated the bonded zone, export processing zone, bonded logistics park and port function, all the advantage policies of the 3 above mentioned special customs supervision zone is fully offered in the bonded port area.