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       The implementation of SOLAS convention and the latest progress at QQCT


  1. The Port Facility Security Plan was approved by MOC of P.R.C. on June 17, 2004 and the port received STATEMENT OF COMPLIANCE OF A PORT FACILITY (Certificate No. Z04010101-0476 ).


  2. In accordance with Security Plan, QQCT established special security organ (Security Office) and independent security organization (Security Team), and a port facility security officer was been nominated who got through the national training and obtained the certificate.


  3. Since July 1st, 2004, the Port Facility has carried out the union security with the foreign vessels in port, including signing mutual Security Declaration" and vessel's conveying security information to the Port Security Office.


  4. Since July 1st, 2004, QQCT has carried out security plan, possessed and implemented daily work procedure and Anti-illegal Entry Plan, put into practice the concrete measures such as the required inspection, supervision and patrol in the restricted area and key places.


  5. QQCT has trained the related employees as required in SOLAS convention, given professional s training to the internal employees in security organization and successively held a security drilling in the last three years.


  6. The Port Facility successfully got through the yearly inspection and supervision of Shandong Communications Department and MOC, and passed the security audit from P&O headquarter and DPW.


  7. The Port Facility organization keeps a regular information exchange and communication with foreign advanced ports and part of famous shipping companies so as to keep the port facility security management forward-looking.

  QQCT Security Office April 28, 2007