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  Shandong Port Qingdao Qianwan Container Terminal Co., Limited (QQCT), was established in May of 2000. The shareholders of QQCT consist of Shandong Port Qingdao Port International Co.,Ltd and PTS Co.,Ltd, actual shareholders include Qingdao Port Group, DP World and MARESK Group.


  Historical Development. In May of 2000, QQCT was jointly operated by Qingdao Port Authority and P&O Ports. In 2003, Qingdao Port Authority was restructured to be Qingdao Port Group Co., Ltd.. Meanwhile, it cooperated with P&O Ports, MARESK Group, COSCO Group to jointly establish QQCT with the total investment amount of US$ 887 millions. In 2006, DP World acquired P&O Ports. In 2016, COSCO and China Shipping established COSCO Shipping. In May of 2017, COSCO Shipping held no shares of QQCT and transformed related shares to be held by Qingdao Port Group. Currently, the actual investors of QQCT include Qingdao Port Group, DP World and MARESK.


  Geographic Position. QQCT locates in west coast of Pacific Ocean, is the convenient and economical international transportation hub and access for cargo along Yellow River Delta Areas. It is featured with deep water and wide territory, not freezing and sludge as well as heavy weather avoidance, which is helpful for all-weather berthing of container ships of the sixth generation and above. QQCT connects with the ports in the global through over 170 container marine lines on sea and connects with the freight source hinterland regions through G15 Shenyang-Haikou Expressway, G20 Qingdao-Yinchuan Expressway, G22 Qingdao-Lanzhou Expressway and China Railway on land.


  Hardware Facility. QQCT operates 11 container berths, the terminal has the total berth length of 3,400m, CY area occupies 2.25 million square meters, with the draft water depth of up to -17.5 meters, equipped with 39 Super Post-Panamax Quay Cranes and 111 Robber Tired Gantries with the advanced terminal management system. QQCT can support loading and unloading service of the super-large container ships of above 20000TEU for 24 hours; the designed annual container throughput is 6.5 million TEUs.

  Human Resources. QQCT currently employs 2300 people. Among of them, 948 people with college degree and above, 485 professional technicians, 1185 technical workers (314 technicians and senior technician), 164 people were received all kinds of honorary titles in Qingdao and municipal above.

  QQCT persists in starting from reality, combining the development idea of Qingdao Port and the development experience of different ports in the world, to form a sincere and harmonious atmosphere in the company, besides, it adheres to the uplifting spirit, strengthens the comprehensive management, aims at establishing the comprehensive pivot of International Shipping Centre of Northeast Asia, forges ahead with determination, works hard and commonly create a better tomorrow.

  Advanced high voltage shore power system(HVSC) involving shore connects are available at berth 77、78、79、80、81、82、83. The facilities with  a total capacity of 9MW,are capable of vessels receiving 6KV/50HZ or 6.6KV/60HZ.